Historically, the market for pilothouse boats has been divided into two distinct segments: a “comfort” segment catering to day trips, weekend excursions, and leisurely outings, and a more rugged segment tailored for water sports, fishing, and transportation needs. Traditionally, pilothouse boats were crafted to excel in either of these segments, but never before were they designed to seamlessly accommodate both. The Parker Explorer MAX breaks new ground with its exceptional design that caters to both segments, providing customers the flexibility to adapt the boat to various applications in a matter of minutes.

Length overall

10,40 m

Beam overall

2,80 m




Max 500 HP

Comfort and versatility

The 920 Explorer MAX is the perfect boat for anyone looking for a comfortable and versatile vessel. It is ideal for both day trips with family and weekend fishing trips. The spacious aft cockpit offers plenty of space for seating, sunbathing and storage. The modular equipment system allows for quick and easy adaptation to different needs. In no time at all, you can transform the boat from a comfortable cruiser into a fishing platform. The 920 Explorer MAX also has a spacious forecabin and wheelhouse, providing comfortable conditions for rest and navigation. On the aft deck there is a 150-liter freezer, which is ideal for storing fish, food and drinks.

Efficient hull

The 920 Explorer MAX is built on the proven hull of the 790 Explorer. The new design is even more comfortable and economical. The two-step hull with integrated engine bracket and deep V provides a stable and smooth ride even in bad weather conditions. The larger dimensions and weight of the boat compared to the 790 Explorer eliminate the planing threshold, which means the boat planes faster and uses less fuel.

Excellent performance

The 920 Explorer MAX can be equipped with one or two outboard engines. Depending on the configuration, the boat can reach speeds of up to 43 knots. The standard fuel tank has a capacity of 230 liters, and an additional tank of the same capacity can be optionally installed, giving a total range of up to 600 nautical miles.



Length overall
10.40 m

Beam overall
2.80 m

Draught without engine
0.4 m

Weigth without engine
3050 kg

Fresh water tank capacity
100 L

Black water tank capacity
40 L


C / B

Maximum engine
500 HP

Height (w/o accessories)
2.70 m

Hull length
9.20 m

Height from waterline
2.30 m


Cross-Section View


Electric motor for 920 EXPLORER MAX

Evoy® enters the scene with an irresistible proposition for modern boating enthusiasts: “irresistible boating”.
By providing sustainable electric motor systems ranging from 300 to 400 HP, Evoy® accelerates the transition to sustainable,
emission-free and quiet sailing. 

EVOY: 1 x 300 hp outboard or 1 x 400 hp outboard



Hurricane 400+ HP



The video showcases the stunning design, impressive features, and exceptional performance of the Parker 920 Explorer MAX. It takes viewers on a virtual tour of the boat, highlighting its spacious layout, luxurious amenities, and sleek profile.

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