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Alfastreet Yachts

Passionautica is proud to be the official distributor of Alfastreet Yachts boats in Poland. We believe that Alfastreet Yachts are the perfect match for what our high net-worth clients are looking for: to get more out of their hard-earned leisure time. Alfastreet gives you access to the luxurious boating experience in a modern package and without many of the hassles of traditional boat ownership.

Why Choose

Alfastreet Yachts?

Alfastreet Yachts offers timeless multi-functional vessels in several different sizes. Here are the reasons why we at Passionautica think this brand stands out from its competition.

Which Alfastreet Yachts Model to Choose?

Our experienced experts at Passionautica will assist you in selecting the best match for your personal
needs. We would here like to present some of the choices that you will have when selecting your
vessel. At the same time, this list of choices shows just how versatile Alfastreet’s offer is giving you a
wide degree of freedom to find the perfect boat.