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Electric boating powered by EVOY®
Evoy is the world leader in providing high-powered electric engines. Their innovative fully electric engines range from 120 to 400 horsepower and are offered in both inboard and outboard versions. As a true innovator and one of the first entrants into the electric engine market, Evoy has a 3-4 year head start compared to its competitors.
This unparalleled experience means you can enjoy emission-free, serenely quiet, and reliable electric boating.

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Why choose an

electric engine for my boat?

Greater Access: Many lakes in Poland prohibit the use of boats with internal combustion engines. Using an electric engine allows you access to hundreds of lakes for your recreation and opens up your choices if you decide to buy a waterfront property in Poland.

Environment: Electric boats are good for the environment and future generations. They are significantly better for the environment than fossil fuel burning combustion engines. All the way to being carbon neutral when powered by electricity generated by solar cells.

Noise: Cruising in an electric boat is much quieter and allows you to enjoy the sounds of nature while relaxing on the water. Now you can hear the wind, the waves, the animals – and your fellow passengers on the boat when having a conversation.

Emissions: Combustion engines create smelly exhaust fumes that can disturb your enjoyment. If you drive at slow speeds or are stationary the fumes will accumulate and can become a real nuisance.

Maneuverability: An electric engine allows much better slow speed maneuverability, forward, backwards and staying in one place are much easier now. This is especially useful for fishing and diving.

Service: With fewer moving parts that require regular servicing, you can skip the (expensive) annual service of your combustion engine. A cheap and quick check every 1- 2 years is all you need to keep the engine running.

Operating Cost: In combination with power from solar cells, the use of the boat is essentially free. This means that frequent users do not need to worry about their pocketbook anymore and can focus on enjoyment.


Why choose EVOY as

The engine for my boat?

Power: Evoy is the only serious player to currently offer electric engines powerful enough to move larger boats at planing speeds. No other company currently offers 200 horsepower solutions, let alone 300 or 400 horsepower. Imagine moving a 6 ton boat at 60 km/h with an electric engine. Electric no longer means compromising on speed!

Experience: As an early entrant into building electric engines, Evoy has gone through years of development and testing. This has helped to refine the designs and increase the reliability – something that no other competitor can currently match. This advantage in experience directly translates to peace of mind for you.

Safety: Evoy invests heavily in research to ensure its engines and batteries are safe. Multiple failsafe features have been engineered into the system to ensure that you can get the highest level of safety available on the market today.

Product Range: The range of product includes inboard as well as outboard solutions, different horsepower levels as well as battery sizes and accessories. This means Evoy can most likely meet your need perfectly, and you get a solution from one hand – no need to combine elements from different suppliers / sellers.

Upgrades: You can get upgrades for your engine and software updates over the air, without the need to visit a dealership.

Innovation: As a modern tech company, Evoy offers GPS tracking and is working on future oriented features like autopiloting and automatic docking. Stay tuned for exciting
new features!


Why choose

Passionautica as my partner?

Specialized on Electric: Passionautica is a distributor and dealer of boats with a specialized focus on electric boating and environmental protection. This means the team has more experience in electric than almost any other dealer in Poland.

Range of Services: We offer boats for sale, as well as servicing, repairs, transportation and winter storage. When there is an emergency our mobile team on standby can come to your aid at your house, weekend home or even on the water.

Customer Focus: We are a highly customer centric organization, meaning we listen to what our customers really want and provide customized recommendations and care. We are focused on long term customer relationships rather than short term gain.

Welcoming to Newcomers: Founded by a newcomer to the boating business, we understand that many customers are entirely new to the boating industry. From the outside the terminology, range of boats and range of options can be intimidating. We will help you pick the solution that is right for you and you don’t need to feel embarrassed to ask questions. We can even help you obtain your first boating or captain’s license.



Experience the next frontier in marine propulsion technology with Evoy outboard engines. Enjoy an impressive typical range of 20-25 nautical miles in 20-35 knots, extendable to 40-60 nautical miles at 5 knots, catering to the needs of a wide range of boaters. Keep in mind that the actual range is contingent upon factors such as motor size, battery capacity, boat dimensions, hull design, weather conditions, and currents.

Rest easy in both fresh and saltwater environments, as the robust design of the motor boasts an IP66 rating, ensuring reliable performance. The groundbreaking E-Brain™ management system takes center stage, reducing maintenance costs and downtime while offering the convenience of over-the-air updates. This cutting-edge technology not only enhances the overall lifespan of the motor but also surpasses conventional systems, making Evoy outboards a savvy choice for any boater.


Hurricane 400+ HP



Gale 200+ HP


  • Worry Free Electric Boating

    Evoy's electric engines deliver remarkable power, exceeding all expectations by providing full torque right from the start, at zero rpm.
    The Breeze motor system comes equipped with a standard 6 kW AC charger, while the Storm system boasts a 20 kW AC charger. There are additional options for upgrading to multiple chargers, offering 20 or 40 kW AC capacity for faster charging on standard outlets or wall boxes. Our systems are seamlessly compatible and come with DC charging options, commonly referred to as Supercharging, allowing for supercharging capabilities of up to 200 kW, although limited to continuous 1C charging.

    Worry Free Electric Boating
  • Liquid-cooled battery

    The batteries have undergone testing and received approval in accordance with the stringent safety regulations set by DNV. They boast IP67 waterproofing and utilize liquid cooling for enhanced performance. Specifically designed to withstand 3000 charging cycles with a depth of discharge (DOD) of 70%. You can select from battery pack options of 63 kWh, 126 kWh, or 189 kWh, catering to various energy storage needs.

    Liquid-cooled battery
  • Smart boating

    Evoy®'s High Contrast TFT Touchscreens elevate your electric boating experience to a delightful level. Choose between 10" or 16" displays, with options for single or dual screens, allowing you to transition physical buttons to the touchscreen interface.


    • Weather updates • FM / DAB / radio • Full Marine Navigation • Bluetooth • WiFi & 4G • Over-the-Air updates • NMEA support • Real-time motor/battery status • Charging Management • Monitor cost and CO2 savings • Triplog


    Echo- w/data dashboard visualization, Automatic Identification System (AIS) for traffis monitoring

    Smart boating
  • Evoy® app

    Indulge in a comprehensive view of your boat right from the coziness of your sofa. The Evoy control system remains connected around the clock, enabling us to provide you with almost real-time updates on your boat and granting you complete control effortlessly at your fingertips.


    Track your vessel's location, velocity, and direction whenever necessary.

     Charging management

    Stay informed about your boat's present battery status, establish charging limits, initiate or cease charging. Administer the charging process directly from your mobile device without requiring physical proximity to the boat.

     Sensor readings
    Rest assured, you won't have to concern yourself with the starter battery losing power again. Monitor both current and past readings of the starter battery voltage. Additional sensors and the option to configure alerts will be available in the near future.

     Trip log

    Your journeys will be logged automatically. Review a comprehensive record of all your trips, detailing your destinations, driving speeds, and energy consumption.

     Share boat access
     Facilitate access to your boat for multiple users effortlessly. Grant and revoke boat access directly through our app.

     Charging log (coming soon)

    Obtain a complete overview of your charging activities. Find out when, where, and the amount of energy you've replenished

     CO2 impact (coming soon)

    By piloting an electric boat, you produce no emissions during operation. Monitor the amount of CO2 you've saved in contrast to a diesel or petrol-powered boat.

    Geofencing (coming soon)

    Receive alerts if your boat moves or ventures beyond a predefined area.

    Evoy® app


    Evoy offers a comprehensive inboard electric motor solution, built for rigorous use. This nearly maintenance-free system is cost-effective, versatile for various boat types, and suitable for retrofits. It can be seamlessly integrated with stern drives, water jets, or shafts.

    The durable construction of the motor is CE approved, with an IP66 rating, guaranteeing reliable operation in freshwater and saltwater conditions alike. The E-Brain™ management system, an innovative feature, effectively minimizes maintenance expenses and downtime. This advanced technology extends the lifespan of the motor compared to traditional systems, positioning the Evoy inboard system as the preferred choice for those transitioning to eco-friendly boating.



    STORM 300+ HP

    AVAILABLE 2024

    Gale 200+ hp

    BREEZE 120+ HP

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