Why Choose Alfastreet Yachts?

Alfastreet Yachts offers timeless multi-functional vessels in several different sizes. Here are the reasons why we at Passionautica think this brand stands out from its competition:


One of the most exciting traits of the Alfastreet Yachts brand is its innovativeness, both on a grand scale and in its attention to detail. As boat enthusiasts, Alfastreet Yachts have thought about what the typical annoyances are of owning and operating a boat and have worked hard to iron out these deficiencies. Alfastreet Yachts boats have simply clever solutions that stand out from the competition. How can we claim this? Look at the patented hydraulic hardtop, the fully integrated anchor, the extendable sunbed, the electric range extender, the interior cabin table leg, the on-deck U-shaped layouts, the flag carrier, etc.


One of the best reasons to choose an Alfastreet Yachts. If you are looking for environmental compatibility
or simply a way to escape from high fuel prices, electric yacht propulsion is for you. Alfastreet Yachts was one of the first brands to offer electric solutions for yachts of sizeable length. Normally electric yachts are small, uncomfortable and expensive – full of compromises. Alfastreet Yachts managed to retain the luxurious nature of its yachts when choosing the electric drive solution. As an innovator its early technical lead in entering electric engines pays off now with more refined and luxurious


Oftentimes there is a tradeoff between a luxurious boat and its practical everyday functionality. Alfastreet Yachts works hard to allow comfortable and functional solutions at the same time. True luxury boating lies in the absence of a tradeoff between a luxuriously enjoyable experience and the everyday functionality. Being aboard an Alfastreet Yachts definitely gives you the feeling of a premium experience in a luxurious ambiance.



As a small luxury boatbuilder, Alfastreet Yachts understands that high net-worth clients don’t want to compromise. When they buy a boat they want the best right from the beginning, and they want it exactly how they imagine it. Whether it’s for cruising, exploring, fishing, sunbathing or watersport – Alfastreet Yachts offer all the options necessary to fulfil expectations. Alfastreet assists clients in offering many choices and options for configuring their boats. For example, taking only the roof there are five different options for a roof solution. From a long list of options to complete customization on colors, almost everything is possible at Alfastreet Yachts.


The design of these good-looking boats is modern yet comfort oriented. Where competitors talk about minimalistic Scandinavian design, this is really code for “basic”. Alfastreet Yachts, on the other hand, wants the passengers to live in the highest comfort and functionality. No minimal solutions or spartan compromises, but good solutions that satisfy the most discerning customers. Good solutions to common boating requirements are more costly to implement and manufacture. As a premium product, Alfastreet Yachts makes this investment in design and quality of the boat. And all this while maintaining a good looking silhouette and overall design concept.


Once onboard an Alfastreet Yachts you can easily tell the quality apart from the competition. Everything is more solid and robust. Walls are thicker, noise levels are lower, solutions are to flimsy but sound. Built by hand, all boats undergo a rigorous quality testing before being released for sale. Expect that your investment in an Alfastreet Yachts will be a durable long term asset.