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Sport & Fun Cruisers Multi-Purpose Yachting

Parker Sport 690

690 Sport

Sorrento 100

Parker 920 Explorer Max

920 Explorer Max

Parker 110 Monaco Flybridge

Monaco 110 Flybridge

Parker Bowrider 690

690 Bow Rider

Parker 850 Vogayer

850 Voyager

Parker 790 Explorer

790 Explorer

Parker Monaco 110

Monaco 110

parker 630 Bow Rider

630 Sport

Parker Cruiser 800

800 Cruiser

Parker 800 Weekend

800 Weekend

630 Bow Rider

Parker 780 Escape

780 Escape

Parker 800 Pilothouse

800 Pilothouse

Parker 750 Cabin Cruiser

750 Cabin Cruiser

Parker 770 Weekend

770 Weekend

750 Day Cruiser

Parker 760 Quest

760 Quest

parker 720 adventure

720 Adventure

Parker 700 Pilothouse

700 Pilothouse

Parker 690 Day Cruiser

690 Day Cruiser

parker 660 pilothouse

660 Pilothouse

630 Day Cruiser

parker 660 weekend

660 Weekend

660 Open

Parker Monacto 110 Flybridge Render

Why choose a

PARKER motorboat?

Experience: As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of motorboats, Parker delivers hundreds of motorboats to satisfied customers every year. Parker’s size and scale means it can invest in research & development, modern manufacturing processes and efficient
aftersales support.

Extensive Range: Parker  has an extensive range of motorboats with ample choice for those looking for a boat up to 15 meters in length. Regardless of what purpose you have in mind, it’s likely that you will find just the perfectly adapted boat for you.

Smart Designs: Parker  isn’t just about designing and building boats. It’s about designing and building the best boats with an incredibly use of available space. Every boat is an exercise in optimizing the layouts – and Passionautica believes that Parker does this better than any other brand currently on the market.

Quality: Parker’s boats are high quality and in many areas surpass the solutions employed by other boatbuilders. This means you will enjoy your boat in good working condition for longer.

Safety: Safety is built in from the very beginning of the boat design process. In fact, Parker’s E structural rigidity and safety designs by far exceed those of many competitors. Even the government can attest to that in head-to-head comparisons with other brands
(ask Parker for a copy of the article proving this).

Value for Money: Without a doubt customers get a very good combination of quality, safety and value for money in one package.



Electric motors

Evoy® enters the scene with an irresistible proposition for modern boating enthusiasts: “irresistible boating”.
By providing sustainable electric motor systems ranging from 120 to 400 HP, Evoy® accelerates the transition to sustainable,
emission-free and quiet sailing.


Hurricane 400+ HP



Gale 200+ HP


Why choose Passionautica

As my partner?

Specialized on Electric: Passionautica is your specialist for electric Parker boats. We will help you find the perfect electric outboard engine for your needs.

Range of Services: We offer boats for sale, as well as servicing, repairs, transportation and winter storage. When there is an emergency our mobile team on standby can come to your aid at your house, weekend home or even on the water.

Customer Focus: We are a highly customer centric organization, meaning we listen to what our customers really want and provide customized recommendations and care. We are focused on long term customer relationships rather than short term gain.

Welcoming to Newcomers: Founded by a newcomer to the boating business, we understand that many customers are entirely new to the boating industry. From the outside the terminology, range of boats and range of options can be intimidating. We will help you pick the solution that is right for you and you don’t need to feel embarrassed to ask questions. We can even help you obtain your first boating or captain’s license.
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